‘Eat Me’ at the Guildford Fringe Festival

As you may know, the play I wrote in 2017, ’Eat Me’ which I took to the Edinburgh Festival last summer, is now being performed at the Guildford Fringe from 11-13 April. If anyone is interested in coming along (different cast this time) you can book and find out more information here.

I realise some of you have been before, when we performed in Edinburgh and in Surrey, but please do forward this on to anyone you know who may be interested. It is a play about anorexia and its manipulative voice…written mostly to help carers and professionals understand the illness better, but also to give hope for recovery to sufferers.

Our justgiving campaign is also still alive and well! We did not raise all the money we needed to cover costs at Edinburgh, and are also now getting so much more interest in the play from various quarters, but sadly in the world of small scale theatre, there is very little money available. Some of you have given very generously to our campaign, and we are extremely grateful. Again, if you know of anyone who may be interested in sponsoring us to bring this important message to more people, please do pass on the details. We are receiving so much positive feedback and thanks from audiences…carers, professionals and sufferers, and we are so keen to carry on helping people in this way. Thank you.

Best wishes,

Suzanne x

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