Eat Me is a play about anorexia written by one of the actors Suzanna Walters, based on her own experience of the condition. She plays anorexia itself, playing on the minds of the other actors, effectively playing young people tormented for various reasons by this anorexia. This unusual device works well and provides an interesting insight into this dangerous and little understood or reported illness. JS

Four talented actors bring hope for recovery and also clarity in trying to understand the pain, suffering and relentless manipulation that the ‘voice of anorexia’ brings to those it affects. The play is, at times, harrowing but positive. Well done and thank you for tackling a difficult subject with such honesty and sensitivity. KC

I was nervous coming to see this, it’s so easy and common that eating disorders are glamorised in today’s media. I felt a flood of relief when the cast came out in baggy costumes not to highlight their weights. It was amazing it’s very rare to feel understood when it comes to eating disorders to feel understood , watching your thoughts play out in front of you is beautiful and harrowing I found it overwhelming, I could and might go again. All I can say is thank you for showing anorexia for the gripping condition it is. The voice of anorexia is acted perfectly I particularly liked the physicality of hugging and cradling as in the depths of disorder that truly is the feeling. I also loved that Jonathan’s story was good He was so much More than what I expected to be the token male.
All the performers in this I can’t thank you or praise you enough for the justice you did the part of the suffer, amazing amazing work I was so moved. Thank you so much it was a hard watch but so real. CJ

Fantastic thought provoking play, with a great cast of actors. Definitely recommend. GS

Haunting, exhilarating and empowering. SC

A thought provoking play, well directed and presented and which gives the audience an insight as to the challenges of anorexia. Well worth seeing. DE

Extremely well written, directed and performed.  Engaging and thought provoking. The show has a lightness and clarity about it which makes it really enjoyable, despite the seriousness of the subject matter. UL

A very thought provoking play showing how the pressures of everyday life can take a hold of an individual and spiral out of control. Brilliant acting especially from Suzanna Walters who brings the character of Anorexia to life, and takes hold of her ‘Friends’ Libby, Jonathan and Kate, Brilliantly written from a personal perspective. Well worth taking the time to go and see this one, both for those who have or know sufferers to those that don’t understand this Mental illness at all. JM

Well written, thought provoking and stunningly performed play which shows just how insidious an eating disorder can be for someone. A serious subject portrayed in a sensitive manner with great performances and a depth of emotion which draws you in throughout the play. Do your best to catch this one – it’s worth it. CC

Fabulous! Any one wanting to see a brilliantly written, fantastically acted, quality play, come and see this!!!! It will make you think about eating disorders brought about by social issues we all face in these full on and pressured times. Follow three people’s journey. This is a must see!!!! TT

An eye opening play into the minds and struggles of those suffering from eat disorders. The cast of four give great detailed performances. As you might expect from a play dealing with eating disorders, it has dark moments but they are tastefully done and broken up by lighter moments throughout. Well worth a watch! GM

Well written new play about eating disorders and how this can affect young people. 4 great actors preform this with passion and emotion. Felt full emmersed in this frightening world. Clever concept and beautifully performed. Go and see this. DB