An ambitious fundraising initiative has now been launched to help raise money for a 4-week season at the acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe Festival of EAT ME, a brand-new play written by Surrey-born writer Suzanna Walters which aims to take on the eating disorder Anorexia.

EAT ME, directed by Birmingham-born actress, writer and director Sally McCormack, is a thought provoking, often chilling and dramatic exploration of the sensitive subject of eating disorders based on real-life experiences.

Produced by Surrey-based Matrix Theatre Company, this innovative piece is a
compelling insight into the cruel and prevalent eating disorder. It is told through the eyes of three characters as audiences hear their stories and watch them fight to regain control of their lives.

As their stories weave between present and past, EAT ME will shed light on Anorexia’s iron grip whilst bringing a message of hope for recovery.

‘I hope you will get the chance to stage this elsewhere: it deserves a much wider audience.’ Audience Member

Writer Suzanna Walters said “Everything that happens in the play to either Libby, Kate or Jonathan happened to me or to someone I know. These stories are based on true-life events; they are real. I want to share these to help others gain an understanding of the way Anorexia can take control of a person’s life.”

Matrix Theatre Company, who will be taking EAT ME to Edinburgh in August, produces plays on a variety of mental health subjects including early psychosis, schizophrenia and eating disorders. They regularly perform in Secondary Schools and provide follow-up support supplied by mental health team